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edu comelles

Walking Compositions, 2009.

Walking Compositions is a Site Specific sound walk around the Hermitage of Braid a Natural Reserve in the middle of Edinburgh, (Scotland). The project aims to generate a sound based experience between the listener and the environment where the walk is done. Moreover this project aims to explore the concept of soundscape composition and its possibilities of distribution and displaying.

Walking Compositions pretends to be an experiment on how GPS technologies can be implemented in the field of music and sound distribution. And finally its a subjective sonic approach on the way we see the landscape and how can we create synesthetic relations between landscape and sound.

This project is the outcome of my research on walking and listening as a experience. The research was conducted as part of my Msc in Sound Design, driven by Martin Parker PhD at the University of Edinburgh, former School of Arts Culture And Environment.


Walking Compositions (public presentation) from edu comelles on Vimeo.

walking compositions - motion reactive sound test from edu comelles on Vimeo.