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Acoustic Communication - Barry Truax

"Acoustic Communication is an invaluable text book for those involved in social science in general and communication studies in particular. ... [it] offers a radical way to approach sound that will promote a broader and deeper understanding of sound and the relationships between sound, the listener and the environment." Kendall Wrightson, Soundscape, The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, 2(2), December 2001.

".. there are few authors who have taken on the daunting task of discussing the general role of sound in communication, without limiting the discussion to a particular area such as film sound, radio, sound art, or electroacoustic music. Truax' work aims to discuss acoustic communication beyond the disciplinary boundaries of such works. This approach, as well as the inclusion of the interactive CD-ROM in this publication, makes it a welcome addition to the communication literature." Andra McCartney, Canadian Journal of Communication, 26(3), 445-447.