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Field Recordings & Pop Culture 1.0 (Just for the fun of it)

This post doesn't aims to be a well presented dissertation nor a exhaustive study on the usage of field recordings in pop music. This basically, is a gathering of songs were field recordings are used as context-provider items, arrangements or accessories for music production. I'll just post the ones that come to my mind, surely there are thousands more.

As a Field recorder, getting into this world one loses his track while trying to get back to the musical world, sometimes we loose connection with music production and the mainstream culture; some even reject any kind of connection with it and even forget about what we are talking about: sounds, composed or not in musical or non musical ways that evolve through time; so, time based sound production/composition etc,... To try to re-connect those worlds together I'm doing this simple exercice: look for mainstream music productions using soundscape as a context-provider, enhancer, or simply as "decorations". Maybe in that way we can find our way back to music, to show-business and maybe even we earn some money doing pop music, who knows.

Jokes apart, I think is rather important to explore field recordings out of their context, find them in other productions and hear to them as a secondary layer of information buried beneath, lyrics, chords etc,...

Anyway, those are random thoughts, please if anyone finds more of this accessory field recordings don't hesitate on adding them on the comments to this post. Note that this is 1.0 version of this post, this can grow bigger. So if you want to collaborate please feel free, no sound art or experimental music allowed sorry guys, this is pure and simple rock'n'roll.

Classic Field Recordings as context provider.

Maybe this is just foley, but still the sound of police sirens is for sure a soundscape for the low ends.

Well, er, Hells Bells, I'm from Valencia, do you get the joke? Very tempted also to embbed "From Does About To Rock".

The "I need the Live Concert Epics, if not this is not going to work out" Reznor speaking.

Well, that's a field recording by itself, penitentiary field recordings, dear.

Now, getting serious: Matthew Herbert (Dr. Rockit, The Mechanics of Destruction, etc,...) one of the most important Field Recordists alive unjustifiably forgotten from the history of soundscapism, field recordings and so on. From my humble point of view, someone who has done more for this world than Chris Watson itself, at least to "open it" to a broad audience.

Again, something that might be considered as foley or sound effects, still, footsteps are a soundscape if we know and understand the context where is taking place or gives origin to this piece.

Same thoughts than with my dear Herbert, maybe not the best exemple but still.