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De Boca En Boca

Foto: Pablo Ortuño.
Interactive Sound Installation.

32 Speakers, Screen Monitor, Cables and Specific Software.
Variable dimensions.

Work commissioned by Espai La Rambleta.

"De Boca en Boca" is a 32-speaker sound installation. The work explores the way we describe soundscapes through language. The system is fed by thousands of different answers to the question: ¿What's the sound of Valencia? All answers are recorded and played back randomly through the 32-speaker system hanging from the ceiling of the gallery. 

The ultimate goal of the installation is to create a new soundscape made of voices that, at the same time, are talking about their immediate soundscape. This game of translation is opening an opportunity for the visitor to question the way we perceive our immediate sonic environment. Listening to the whole random composition one can get a grasp of Valencia's soundscape through it's neighbours subjectivity. The overall sonic experience recreates a new soundscape, or even a meta-soundscape formed with voices coming from various locations and changing constantly, as if it were a real, organic sonic environment. Or effectively: a true electroacoustic soundscape.

At the same time the work allows us to introduce our own experience and the answer to what's the sound of Valencia. Through a graphic interface, visitors can come and listen to the answers, get inspired and add to the whole sonic system their own voice describing it sonic environment.

Sound excerpt:


Graphic interface that allows to introduce your thoughts in the "Voice Cloud". Foto: Pablo Ortuño.

A mesh of wires and small speakers hanging from the roof of the gallery space. Foto: Pablo Ortuño.
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