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edu comelles

Summer Camp


Audiotalaia Summer Camp is a workshop, a course and a collective experience around creativity, sound and technology. Its all about gathering a group of diverse and creative people under the same roof. The Meeting looks after shaping a creative practice focused on sound and with a concrete experimental accent.

The Summer Camp joins every summer since 2016, young and creative people involved in the fields of fine arts, music, architecture or design in a wide range. We look for students of fine arts, of audiovisual communication, musicians, designers, filmmakers, photographers, architects... Finally, we look for people that want to integrate sound in their personal creative process.

Audiotalaia Summer Camp is an initiative of Audiotalaia, lead by musician, producer and sound artist Edu Comelles, that will direct the meeting and all the formative activity of this meetings.

Audiotalaia Summer Camp is a creative meeting in which the sound, the technology and the landscape are being approached in several creative processes along nine days. The stay is divided in three stages: the first, formative and theoretical on sound and creativity; the second, of practical activities; and the third phase, of development of projects site-specific. All the activities are collectively shaped at the facilities.

The participants in those meetings share various rooms with sixteen bunks and beds and common spaces. The creative and experimental tasks are combined with several daily routines in which the group will work as a team. This stay is a process of immersion and intensive work: a week to work, learn and share collectively.