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edu comelles

"Inner Loop" for Interior Comú (Covid-19 works)


"Inner Loop" is the answer to the invitation by Balbina Sardà to take part on "Interior Comú" project.  Work done during Covid-19 Lockdown in Spain.

Music and visuals by Edu Comelles.
Saxophone by Marquis McGee

Full video at:


Interior Comú is a simple proposal and a metaphor for the present moment.

We are locked up at home, in a forced interior from what seems to be an outside threat. This new place gives us the opportunity to see things from a new perspective. Without giving clues or structures to the possible speeches yet to be formulated, We propose to use this space to chill and share our interiors, those spaces we live in right now.

These spaces and your representation of the different corners, perspectives and moments of the day can be presented through photographs, sounds or videos made with available devices (mobile phones, cameras, whatever we have ...) which can be accompanied by a text expressing our thoughts and feelings. We can send as many snapshots as we want. Every three days they will be uploaded and presented on the project online space.

Some weeks have passed already in this scenario and we are beginning to understand that inhabiting a new routine, one that slowly becomes clearer. Interior Comú is born from the curious need to know what are we doing, what do we think and what do we feel while being locked up at home.

Interior Comú is an open space, one in which you are welcome, one in which we can unfold common interiors.