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edu comelles

Last Days. Self-edited, 2014.


"Last Days" Edu Comelles, 2014.
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The sound installation by Edu Comelles, "Last Days. Requiem for Les Glòries" uses sounds recorded during the days prior to the demolition of the ring road of the Plaça de les Glòries in Barcelona. In the lobby of CaixaForum, a speaker system will play a random composition created using the extraordinarily diverse and dynamic sonic palette that could be heard in the surrounding area until very recently. 

The wide range of sounds in the composition includes the rhythms produced by vehicles passing over the ring road's expansion joints, the sounds of the crash barriers, traffic, the trams and other sound environments, in which it is possible to sense the works that began to transform this space a few months ago. 

The sharp tones of the architectural structure's metal components (obtained using contact microphones) and the background noise of the construction work create a changing and elastic soundscape; the sound of area that has now disappeared. 

The installation is an auditory memory of a road system that has died and fallen silent.It's graphic image es inspired on the famous photograph of 1976 of Max Neuhaus (1939- 2009) of the Brooklyn Bridge dedicated to Jo Jones, where you ca read in capital letters the word “LISTEN” (“LISTENING”).

Thus the sound installation of Edu Comelles plays a tribute to this pioneer of sound art in the 75th anniversary of his birth.   

A fixed stereo version of the sound installation entitled "Last Days" presented at CaixaForum Barcelona during Sonar +D event in June 2014. 

Limited Edition. #30 Copies. (Sold Out)