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edu comelles

Deep Resonance


Deep Resonance is an audiovisual performance created and developed by pianist Lluïsa Espigolé, sound artist Edu Comelles and digital designer Román Torre. The project is a joint venture between this three creative minds working in Barcelona, Spain. 

This live performance merges live electronics, prepared grand piano and a screen display creating dialogues between the visual aspect of the piece and the sonic and resonant world of electromagnetic fields and its effect on the piano. Deep Resonance is a live performance inspired by the current observation of our universe and how the scientific community reinterprets this data. 

Moreover, the piece tries to re-shape the idea of the universe and understand all its complexity through sound and visuals. Beyond the study of how the universe is observed and listened into, Deep Resonance aims to recall the cultural background behind the idea of deep space and how it gets back to us audiovisually. Beyond conceptual considerations, Deep Resonance is an immersive sonic and visual experience in which the combined talents of its members intertwine creating evolving soundscapes and a mesmerizing window to a graphic and generative horizon of events.







Lluïsa Espigolé - Prepared Piano
Román Torre - Visuals / Screen Display
Edu Comelles - Composition / Live Electronics