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edu comelles

Microphone Workshop in Rotterdam the 16th of May

Duration: 4 Hours / Target: Artists, musicians, photographers, audiovisual profesionals, creative people, designers / Fee: 65€ (Includes all necessary materials) / Taught by: Edu Comelles (sound artist, musician and curator).

This workshop dives into the world of DiY Microphony. The workshop focuses on constructing of two types of microphone that allow us to record and capture a wide range of sound sources. The two tools we are going to make are a Contact Microphone / Hydrophone and a set of Omnidirectional or Binaural Stereo Microphones.

Contact Mic / Hydrophone:
This mic is perfect for amplifying any kind of string or percusion instrument. It is perfect for capturing resonance thorugh contact with resonant materials such as wood, metal or water. Since the mic is waterproof sealed you can use it as some sort of hydrophone allowing you to record underwater sounds.

Omnidirectional or Binaural Stereo Microphones:
This microphone set is ideal for capturing ambiences, soundscapes, instruments, field recordings, concerts, talks, interviews or any kind of sound or group of sounds. The Binaural microphones are an ideal tool to immerse yourself in the world of field recordings or simply to improve the sound quality of your recording device (DSLR Cams, portable recorders, etc …). Binaural sound allows also to record in “3D sound” to create inmersive sonic experiences and beyond.

During the workshop you will learn the basics of soldering electronics, cables and components. You will end up having a full set of microphones ready to expand your creativity sound-wise and also to open the door to your own microphone creations, which can be adjust to your needs.

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