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edu comelles

Sínia / Sènia


Sínia in catalan, is the given name for a noria, a wheel-like machine used for lifting water into a small aqueduct or for the purpose of irrigation. This installation inserts the rusted sound of this abandoned and derelict rural hydraulic engine into the Casa de Registo. 

The idea is to bring into the hall the resulting soundscape of a long-gone technology that has lost its usage: bring water up from a well. The iron, metallic sweeps and intricate rusted sounds are the voice of antique water culture long forgotten. All sounds have been recorded in various sessions since 2012, through the years, the sound of the noria is always changing and evolving, depending on humidity, climate and anual seasons. 

The outcome is a generative and ever-changing soundscape composition that resonates into the Casa de Registo as a litany or a requiem. Sound is placed in the space through two big speakers suspended in mid-air hanging from a metal structure drawing in the space a complicity through materials, sounds and media. 



The Sinia.