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Botánica de Balcón (with Rafa Ramos Sania) / Archives, 2019



Botánica de Balcón (balcony botanics in Spanish) is the crystallisation of a long shot project by Rafa Ramos Sania and Edu Comelles. Both musicians put together strings, wood and minimal electronics on a new project born from field recordings and sonic textures. The aim is to submerge form that starting premise into sonic territories closer to New Classic, a certain experimental folk and the shredded expressiveness of the double bass, comfortably sitting on eastern tonalities and subtle winks or the Japanese Shakuhachi. Digital and tensed string songs.

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Composed, performed and recorded by Rafa Ramos Sania & Edu Comelles, between January and May 2019 in Valencia, Spain.

Rafa Ramos Sania: Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Oud.
Edu Comelles: Electronics & Field Recordings.

Mastering by Fraser McGowan

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