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Botánica de Balcón (with Rafa Ramos Sania) / Archives, 2019



Botánica de Balcón (balcony botanics in Spanish) is the crystallisation of a long shot project by Rafa Ramos Sania and Edu Comelles. Both musicians put together strings, wood and minimal electronics on a new project born from field recordings and sonic textures. The aim is to submerge form that starting premise into sonic territories closer to New Classic, a certain experimental folk and the shredded expressiveness of the double bass, comfortably sitting on eastern tonalities and subtle winks or the Japanese Shakuhachi. Digital and tensed string songs.

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Composed, performed and recorded by Rafa Ramos Sania & Edu Comelles, between January and May 2019 in Valencia, Spain.

Rafa Ramos Sania: Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Oud.
Edu Comelles: Electronics & Field Recordings.

Mastering by Fraser McGowan

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Archives / 2019


Idly eddying around a neo-classical, ambient, minimal twilight zone the strings, field recordings, sparing electronics, guitar, bass & Middle Eastern evoking oud of Rafa Ramos Sania & Edu Comelles' new LP for Archives is easing me gently & very nicely into this new week.


An impressive example of organic ambience, beautiful aural landscapes produced with natural sounds and instruments.


A truly stunning work...
Archives thinks out of the box with this piece. Great take on modern classical and electroacoustic after mikael linds contingencies. Do some more of this!


Very promising debut collaboration, stays more on the side of lovely and lonely, than dark and doomed, but I feel like Rafa with that double bass definitely has it in him to bare some teeth and push out some serious rhythms based on his solo work. Reminds me a bit of the recent 'Vast' by Viktor Orri Árnason and Yair Elazar Glotman. Either way, worth buying and hoping there is more to come from these two. Favorite track: Chlorophytum Comosum.

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