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edu comelles

Mirar Lluny (Home Diaries / WhiteLab Records, 2020)


Home Diaries 002: Edu Comelles - Mirar Lluny

Home Diaries is an invitation to artists and musicians to create an album or EP to document their personal experience during the lockdown or social distancing conditions that are upon us, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The series reflects a range of sounds, styles and ideas, as each artist portrays their own reflections uniquely. Each release is digital only for now, as we hope to raise what we can to help keep our label ticking over at this time. The releases feature a recurring polaroid image of a small lonely house, with a coloured filter chosen by the artist for each respective release. We also interview each artist and this is included as a bonus PDF with the download. You can also check out the Home Diaries series direct from the artist themselves or on Spotify if you prefer.

Next we welcome the return of Edu Comelles, who contributed the album Línia Pedra Paisatge Solc back in February this year. Edu is the founder of the Audiotalaia netlabel and has released music through labels such as Fluid Audio, Archives and Crónica. During the years of his work, he has collaborated with musicians such as Isabelle Latorre (piano) and Sara Galán (cello). It is during this time of 'lockdown', where his native Spain is being particularly hit hard, that he finds himself revisiting recordings made with these musicians.

He has had a busy 2020, with the arrival of his twin sons, his release with us and this extra time at home has given rise to Mirar Lluny, meaning to look far away in Catalan. The work was the small moments of time he had spare from caring for his newborn children and he looked to create a meditative sort of modern classical piece, which is surely his most musical yet. 


Released April 13, 2020

Originally conceived in Valencia, Spring 2019. Finally composed, mixed and arranged by Edu Comelles between March 13th and April 5th 2020.

Written and produced by Edu Comelles
Grand Piano: Isabel Latorre
Cello: Sara Galán
Recordings: Edu Comelles
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Harry Towell





Never knew how much I needed Comelles music in my life until now. What a tactile, emotive, and all around intriguing composer! I've now connected the dots back to another beloved album where he worked with Rafa Ramos Sania from last year. I'm not always wowed by ambient classical but there is something quietly explosive about Comelles music that feels unpredictable and alive in ways that seems to elude many in this style.


this particular piece had been sitting in some form on the computer of Edu Comelles. Originally a (rejected)  piece for a proposal of a client, since the lock down in Spain Comelles was able to work on it some more. It would be curious to know how close to the original piece it was and why it was rejected. The piece “Mirar Lluny”suits the piece as most of the music occurs in the background with a distant sort of feeling.

The tone of the piece is one which treads into slight melancholic territory which could indicate that the piece is about the past which is referenced in the titles translation. Slightly metallic scratchy drones rattle and hum, while delicate ambience occasionally wafts across. Known for his duo Cello + Laptop, this piece is presumably a semi collaborative one where he has worked in elements of that project’s partner Sara Galán and Isabel Latorre piano lines and then refined them and used them as a palette to work with. There is a certain openness and free form quality to the piece which allows for it to constantly evolve rather than remain in a certain territory. The piece feels like a nice mixture of Ambient sounds and styles, but through the lens of a sound designers vision.

“Home Diaries – Mirar Lluny” is available Digitally.

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