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edu comelles

Trencar El Silenci (v2)

Generative Music, 6-Speaker System, microphones, wood stands, light, cables.

Variable dimentions.



"Trencar El Silenci" in Catalan means literally, to break the silence. Silence as, John Cage said, it is an illusion, such a thing doesn't exist. It only exists in the void of space, where sound waves do not travel because of the lack of air. Yet, silence eludes us, it is always conditioned by context, and as much as we can strive for it is constantly attacked by all sorts of hums and noises that break the silence.

Despite this impossibility to attain silence, as a society we have created spaces, places, and contexts where to experience, activate or frame what we understand as a social convention of what is silence. As imprecise this idea of silence might be, we have achieved the illusion of its existence in rooms, public spaces, and recordings studios.

This project takes the idea of silence as a makeshift space, as an element that frames situations, scenes, spaces, and especially as space for interpersonal silence, a place for intimacy or awkwardness.

Beyond this intimate or sensible aspect of silence, this project tends to distance itself from the mere sonic aspects of it. Usually on the Sound Art sphere we tend to self-reference each other's works and explore the phenomenology behind our practice. This work doesn't avoid that, it embraces it through the craft of silence and the use of materials (felt like an acoustic material).

Finally, the idea behind "Trencar El Silenci" is to understand silence, not through a cagenian approach if not as a social and cultural construct, and especially as something that should be more present in our daily life and sometimes is forgotten.

Photo: Paula Felipe Guillen