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edu comelles

Trencar el Silenci (V3)

Felt, Speakers, Software and field recordings. 

Variable Dimentions.


Silence itself is an illusion, as John Cage said that there is no such thing. Only in the vacuum of outer space, where the waves of air do not propagate, could we speak of true silence. Even so, it remains inaccessible to everyone, always subject to its environment, an environment that, no matter how hard we try, remains constantly punished by all kinds of sounds that break this silence.

At the same time, silence has been a main feature in defining human geographies and as intangible evidence of abandonment in the rural context. In this sense and from this listening, silence in the territory refers to the absence of anthropocè and not necessarily to the longing for a healthier sound space.

The final sense of this piece is to understand silence no longer from a reflection rooted in John Cage, but as silence is, in a social and cultural context, a fundamental and very often reviled and at the same time longed for element.

This project is based on the idea of silence as a constructed landscape, as an element that defines the descent of human activity in certain rural contexts, an element that is at the same time seen as the negative result of a voracious and urban capitalist system; at the same time it is also perceived as a treasure, a longing and a space of escape from the urban cacophony.

Thus, this installation invites us in search of these liminal silences between the increasingly densified urban world and the increasingly muted rural world, combined with musical sound absences, based on term sonorities, at the intersections of the one that sounds and the one that does not sound.

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