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edu comelles

Collab with Harry Towell on Whitelabrecs


Harry Towell just released ‘Petrologist’s Lens‘ on Whitelabrecs label his own record label. The album was made in collaboration with 12 artists who have had 2 or more releases on Whitelabrecs over the years, and that includes me. The starting track of the album, entitled "Quarternary" is the one I've been involved with, thanks to Harry and his invitation.

The title ‘Petrologist’s Lens’ nods to the concept of this body of work, which is rooted in the ancient geological history of the earth. Harry studied the land history of the areas where his collaborators reside, to help form a title for each piece. 


Tracks are named after particular fragments of rock or sediments, land regions or fossils for example, and the compositions were developed in a way which mimics the layering of these. The layers tell a story, giving clues of how they came to be. Sonically, filigree details and eroded tape textures ride waves of modern classical orchestration, ambient drones and electronics. 


Written and produced by Harry Towell. Additional production and inspiration provided by Adrian Lane, Andrew Heath, Blochemy, Edu Comelles, Glåsbird, Guy Gelem, James Edward Armstrong, Paweł Pruski, Phil Tomsett, Polaroid Notes, Simon McCorry, Sven Laux 


This album is out in two runs of 100 CDrs; a standard gold edition, and a special marble-effect version. Both packaging versions include a 16 page booklet in our gatefold vinyl-effect. 


Check both editions and listen to the whole album at: