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edu comelles

I am leaving (almost) all streaming platforms


I have been thinking about it a lot, and I decided to leave, as an artist, all streaming platforms. The reasons for it are obvious for someone like me with a very tiny audience and a niche music style. I just wanna say sorry to all of those who listen to my music via Spotify or other platforms. As you might have noticed, only 4 albums remain there; the rest are not available there. Those are albums released by labels that keep them online for streaming or collabs with other artists, such as my project with Rafa Ramos Sania.

This happens because I am fed up with paying money to intermediaries to keep my music up there. I don’t want to contribute more to a system that is effectively destroying the way culture is spread digitally. I need to get back to the principles that, in the first place, led me to become the artist I am today. As an artist, I grew within the netaudio scene, a global community that, for a decade, boosted, promoted, and waved a network of artists and netlabels based on creative commons and copyleft principles, with the strong conviction that creativity through sharing is the way.

So, from now on and until I change my mind or whatever it might happen, you can find all my discography since 2007 available for free on the “Discography” tab of my website. From there, you can directly download each individual album or release. 

Furthermore, I also give you the chance to access my full discography for free by sending an email to asking for it. I will personally forward you a link to access all of it in one single cloud storage. That includes all physical, digital albums and releases by myself, Cello + Laptop, and all the collaborations I have done over the years with artists such as Javier Piñango, Avelino Saavedra, Isabel Latorre, Rafa Ramos Sania and many others ....

As for Bandcamp, I will keep it up until things go south with this platform. There you can find my discography from 2018 onwards. For now, it has been the only online community that respects culture and artists, and until that changes, it will be my primary source of support from you guys.

Finally I just wanna announce that, in the following weeks I will be self-releasing a new (old) work, through bandcamp. Also I am working on a full length album coming up in 2024 with one of my favorite labels and none of it will be on Spotify.

Thank you very much for your support.