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edu comelles

Sound Installation Workshop | LABA School Valencia



Tomorrow, I start teaching a course/workshop on sound installations at the Master's in Multimedia Creation for the Performing Arts at LABA School in Valencia. Throughout the next month, we will be covering sound, space, speakers, and a bunch of other things.

The workshop is conceived as a guided journey through a simulation of the production of various sound installations. Through collective and collaborative work, different groups within the classroom will develop, over the course of the sessions, respective installative setups using various tools, resources, and artistic discourses based on the teacher's own work.

Using a theoretical-practical methodology, different techniques, concepts, issues, and solutions related to sound installed in space, understood in a broad sense (exhibition, scenic, concert, etc.), will be unfolded. Through participatory practice, a series of prototypes will be explored to experiment with installative staging using modular speaker systems, ultimately building a creative body around installed sound, whether it be museum-based, scenic, exhibition-oriented, or positioned in space.

These sessions aim to surpass the canonical use of sound systems and immerse the student in a context where sound expands in space, shaping it, enveloping it, and transforming it from both an acoustic and digital perspective.

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