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edu comelles

Talaies Sonores

Talaies Sonores is a project about, landscape, sound an digital interaction with natural environment. It's about geolocation and sound geotagging. Many of the live sets by Mensa are settled inside Talaies Sonores Project. 

The proposal consists in prepare, produce and perform a series of concerts on the open air, surrounded of nature. I use to go to the mountains to check place where to play. The places have to be on high altitude (1000 m above the sea more or less) and have to have a huge overview over a big extension of landscape. The first 4 sessions where done in mountains around Catalonia, those four sessions where performed in a continuous chain of mountains that goes parallel to the coast of Catalonia. 

When I chose the places I bring there a sound equipment, laptops and speakers, and as well a electricity generator run with gasoline. The thing is to play in a improvised way electronic sounds processed digitally. Then when the sessions it’s over I recorded in eight cds that are placed inside an hermetic plastic recipient (tupperware). Afterwards I hide the tupperware in the same place where I did the session and I keep the coordinates of the place with a GPS device. At home I upload on the net those coordinates so if you want you can check it and go to the place to listen the sessions. The exact location and the profile information of each cache it’s placed at



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